Exercise – How and when?

As you know it’s best to try and top and tail your day with exercise during the weight loss phase. That’s not every day though, and not crazy weight lifting or boot camps. Those normally make you grow rather than shrink! You only need to do cardio for 150 minutes a week. So that’s just 50 minutes x 3.

Always do cardio BEFORE breakfast as your body has no cortisol to call on for energy so it has to utilise the fat that you already have on your body. Cardio only burns calories whilst your doing it so duration matters. You want to be using your slow switch not fast twitch muscles. In addition you only need to do one hour of resistance exercise each week.

Resistance is the opposite of cardio: it carries on burning for 72 hours after you’ve finished so even 10 minutes of resistance a day makes a difference.

So how easy is that?! Cardio x 3 mornings a week and just 10 minutes resistance most evenings after supper. Done. But don’t forget your 10,000 steps and that’s simply standing not sitting!! 😀 🥳

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