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15% of the body you’ve created is through the exercise you do.

With 10 years experience in exercise training Pippa has a unique perspective on exercise for weight loss which is the opposite of what Personal Trainers do! Most trainers encourage bulk. Exercise can make you put on weight if you do the wrong type for your body. As your subcutaneous fat goes down your skeletal muscle goes up. So you can reduce clothing size significantly but still weigh the same; you have turned your fat, which doesn’t burn any calories, into lean tissue (skeletal muscle) which does burn calories. However, as your visceral fat goes down; if you do the wrong exercises for your body type -endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph you sometimes replace it with muscle mass. For many women muscle mass is unattractive (large thighs), weighs more than fat and is harder to shift.

Pippa has created a unique ‘Reduced Thigh Plan’ which helps clients who have been exercising wrongly, walking incorrectly or with bad posture to understand how their thighs have grown. She then works with them systematically through explaining best walking practice, posture practice, best exercises and best nutrition and lifestyle changes to result in long term thigh reduction.

For men Pippa guides them through the right exercises for their body type through explanations as to best general movement, resistance movements or cardio movements.

Pippa has also created a ‘Lose The Baby Weight Plan’. A nutrition and exercise guide for all post natal clients to speed up the weight loss process.

Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Here are my comments :

  • Very easy to access
  • Sound and instructions are clear
  • The music’s good, you can hear it and follow the beat but it doesn’t drown your instructions out
  • I love the Pippa isms it really makes it feel like you are in the room
  • Your posture and movement tips are great clearly showing what we should/shouldn’t do
  • I’m delighted that you clearly show the warm up and cool down
  • Most importantly very easy to follow and is a very close second to having you there!
  • Even better than I was expecting.
  • No excuses now this could not make it easier

Loved it     x x

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