Mixing up your menu

In the 90’s (😁) I worked for Hearst International as the Publisher of Zest Magazine; at that point the highest selling health, beauty and fitness title. We spent time researching why our skin, hair etc looks so great when we return from holiday (in addition to the obvious rest factor).

The conclusion: the variety/change in our usual food choices. We established that the average person puts the same 15 items in their shopping trolley weeks in, weeks out, for months ,or maybe even years, at a time. However, when you go on holiday you’re forced to eat different foods; foods you maybe haven’t eaten for ages.

All those new foods give your body that much needed shift in minerals and trace elements that are going to potentially give you a significant health boost. Eating the same foods again and again means your body might be overdosing on magnesium, sodium, copper and zinc for example and yet having far too little potassium, calcium, phosphorous or iron. Let’s not forget selenium, iodine, cobalt and beta-carotene. There are more.

Mindbodygreen have just done a good Podcast on living longer and in that they mention that people put approx. the same 20 items in their shopping trolley even week (we’re eating more 😁) but it reminded me of how vital it is to mix up your menu. Now we live in world of imported food it’s unfortunately possible to eat the same fruit and veg the whole year round. This could actually be dangerous. So try and eat with the seasons, try and eat a variety of coloured fruit and veg, try and sample something new whenever you see something that draws you to it. If you’re insulin sensitive rather than insulin resistant (eating on my plan!) your body will start communicating with you. Listen to it – it might just save your health and happiness for many years to come. 😊 👏

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