Nutrition Lifestyle


Try and have breakfast as late as you can so you can get some autophagy in and some calorie burning. Start the day with healthy filling protein such as a soya or kefir or Total Greek yoghurt. Or smoked salmon or a poached egg, kippers , avocado mushroom or tomatoes. Avoid all starch, flour and wheat based carbohydrate breakfast food during the weight loss stage such as breakfast cereals (including porridge), pastries, pancakes or breads of any sort.

Mid – Morning:

We are not restricting anything or taking anything away but do try & have your tea, coffee or green tea with with no milk. A maximum of 2 caffeine drinks per day.


Nutrition Lifestyle


This is the best time to have most of your carbohydrate intake for the day to provide you with energy for the rest of the day. These are healthy carbohydrates such as salad and/or vegetables. A large healthy salad with fish, lentils or fava beans is good. Or with chicken. Avoid all heavy starch-based carbohydrates during the weight loss phase such as potatoes, rice, couscous, quinoa, breaded food, sandwiches and pasta.


If around 3pm you start to get a sugar dip this is an excellant time to have some fruit. Always try to eat fruit on an empty stomach for nutritional and fibre benefits. Most fruits are good but avoid most tropical fruits such as bananas, water melon and pineapple during the weight loss phase.


Nutrition Lifestyle


If you find you are generally hungry at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm then listen to your body as this might be the best time to eat supper. Why have a snack and then eat dinner later when you need least energy in the evening? So, if you are hungry late afternoon or early evening – have dinner. This should be protein based with minimal carbohydrates (veg/salad). Try to eat low starch vegetables in the evening . Root vegetables are to be avoided in the weight loss phase.


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