Reclaim Your Life

Private 1-2-1 Program with Pippa Hill

Find a happier, healthier, slimmer you. Forever. Get your life back. It's life changing.

Nutrition: 80% of the body you’ve created is through the food and drink you consume. As a top nutritionist Pippa gives you all the knowledge you need to understand where you are going wrong in your weight loss journey. This program guides, educates and surprises you giving you the truthful facts about everything you should be eating, when and how. The truth behind proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetable, fruit, snacks, timings of eating, portion size, social eating, the science behind weight loss, alcohol, trendy milks, hormones, water and Glycemic Index. Pippa cuts through all the fake news, myths and commercial food producers hype to explain to you the real truth behind the simplest and healthiest way to eat for your body type.

Exercise: 15% of the body you’ve created is through the exercise you do. To reduce you food intake by 500 calories means just not eating a plate of lasagna. To burn off 500 calories through exercise means running 10 miles! As a top exercise for weight loss coach with over 40,000 client hours of experience under her belt Pippa gives you the real facts about exercise and your body type. Pippa gives you guidance on what postural changes, general movement, resistance exercise and vigorous exercise (if any) is needed to achieve your ideal body shape and size.

Eating Psychology: With many people the food and exercise are the easy part; it’s the emotions that can hinder a successful weight loss journey. As an experienced Eating Psychology Coach Pippa gives you all the coping mechanisms you need to achieve great results. Pippa provides CBT, NLP and visualisation methods to change your emotional relationship with food; she eliminates eating disorders, sugar addictions and self sabotage. Pippa gives you inspiration,  motivation, encouragement in a no excuses style of coaching. All Pippa needs from you is the commitment to succeed and the results will be outstanding.

What’s included in the Reclaim Your Life Program?

(2 week, 4 week, 6 week, 8 week or 12 week programs available)

A full hour one-to-one session

Discussing bespoke lifestyle eating for you, everything relevant to what you like to eat and when. Food plans, sugar addiction strategies, emotional eating strategies, hormones. If necessary IBS, PCOS, Diabetes strategies. Session can be done remotely.

A shorter one-to-one session each week

To check the weight is falling off, check fats are going down, skeletal muscle going up, muscle mass going down, visceral fat going down, water going up, proteins going up etc. Pippa motivates you, inspires you and gives you CBT & NLP plus sugar addiction coping mechanisms if you need. Sessions can be done remotely.

Evaluation of your body type & shape during the regular one to one sessions

Each week she then gives you unique & personalised guidance for all the movement & exercise knowledge (resistance or cardio) you need to give yourself the perfect body without needing to ever go to the gym.

Personalised advice and guidance during the regular one to one sessions

Pippa provides personalised vitamin, nutrition and hormone advice during these sessions.

Many weeks of bespoke food plans

Plus GI charts & 65 corresponding recipes (if you like cooking but equal number of no need to cook food plans should you require).

20 expert nutrition advice videos recorded by Pippa explaining everything you should be eating; why, when & how

The science behind weight loss

The truth behind trendy milks and weight loss.

The truth behind juices, detoxes, soups and weight loss.

How to stop emotional eating.

How to find the will to lose the weight.

The truth about weight loss and carbohydrates.

The truth about weight loss and intermittent fasting.

The truth behind snacks and weight loss.

The truth about weight loss and protein.

The truth about weight loss and gluten free.

The truth about weight loss and fats.

The truth about weight loss and vegetables.

The truth about weight loss and exercise.

The truth behind women’s hormones and weight loss.

The truth about weight loss and water.

The truth behind weight loss and alcohol.

The truth about weight loss and fruits.

Membership of a client only private Facebook Group for life

So you can benefit from constant nutrition tips & advice. Additionally feeling part of a community should you want to share questions & topics.

Start losing weight now

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Prefer a low cost online program option?

If you’d like to follow Pippa's programme but have a limited budget then fantastic news as the 10 module video course has now launched!

So for those of you who want to be healthy & lose lots of weight quickly & forever following the simplest food plan there is without having to pay to see Pippa each week then the online program is amazing. No diet, no gym, no fad. 10,000 proven customers.

Whats included?

Ten modules each with a 45 minute video by me covering off every single element I include in my usual one to one sessions so you get :

1) all the nutrition knowledge you need
2) all the eating psychology & sugar addiction or emotional eating help you need
3) all the exercise, posture, walking , movement advice you need for your body type

There are all the recipes, all the food plans, all the menu plans. Loads of work books, info charts, GI charts; everything you get in my usual programme but you don’t have to pay for my personal time with you.

So we’ve managed to bring the cost of this right down to £86. We’re not even charging VAT!

If you want to have a one hour long zoom session with Pippa at any point for motivation & accountability plus to fine tune & tweek everything you’ve learned on the program then you can choose bundle 2. 

Fantastic value that you then get to keep forever & you can watch on any device .

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