Muscle Mass Reduction


What’s included in your 5 weeks Muscle Mass Reduction Programme


Your weight is often not a true indicator of what’s really going on with your body. Muscle mass weighs more than fat and is harder to shift. Muscle mass can be in the thighs and the stomach. It’s when you’ve had incorrect exercise advise or you have incorrect posture or waking style. Time & time again people do more & more exercise thinning it will reduce their weight . Actually the opposite is true . Exercise can make you put on weight. Through 10 years of experience Pippa can guide you through muscle mass reduction. Some clients lose 6kg a week of bulk in their arms , thighs or belly .

What’s included in your Muscle Mass Reduction Programme

5 weeks Programme

20 nutrition videos (recorded by Pippa ) giving you a complete guide to all  the nutrition advice/foods/timings/fluids you need to lose body fat off your thigh area.

4 fitness videos (recorded by Pippa) giving you the correct exercises to do to reduce fat and unsightly muscle mass in your thigh area.

Mesomorph or Endomorph body type analysis

Plumb line analysis

Hip rotation analysis

Postural analysis

Gait analysis

Postural explanations and lesson

Pelvic Floor adjustment

Sitting posture

Gait explanations and lesson

Exercise corrections/explanations

5 weeks of exercise re-training

5 weeks of Thigh reduction routines

Fat Freezing on the IT Band area and inner thigh area if London location convenient.


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