Sleeping well and weight loss

As hormone levels deplete with age or as a consequence of weight gain or poor eating habits, some people find it harder to sleep. As you know quality sleep is crucial to weight loss. If you are tired it is easy to make the mistake of thinking sugary food will provide you that energy you are missing. However sugary foods only give you that insulin high which is then followed by that insulin low. Sugary foods actually make you more tired, whilst also making you put on weight!

So for anyone having trouble falling asleep can I suggest trying melatonin for a very short while. It’s a hormone that naturally occurs within the body so taking a little extra as you settle in for the night is not a bad thing to get your sleep pattern sorted. Although you can buy it cheaply in any pharmacy in Asia or the USA, the pharmaceutical companies here make it prescription only. They don’t like the fact that it’s too cheap! You can buy about 100 tables for £5. So here are two online brands that can send it to you within days:

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