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“Lose a stone in 4 weeks!”

Client Reviews this week

“I signed up to Pippa Hills weight loss course a couple of weeks ago and cannot be more proud of the results so far. Within the first week I have lost just over a stone in weight. Out of all the weight loss courses I have tried this course is the only one which has worked for me. Pippa is amazing support to have on hand. With the way things have gone in the last 2 weeks I am sure I will reach my weight loss goal with her help.”

“As someone who has suffered with her weight for most of her life starting with Pippa was the best thing I could do. In just 2 weeks I have managed to drop 5kg and it is only going down. Her support is just amazing tailoring her program to fit into my lifestyle. The encouragement is just incredible and you really feel proud of every kg lost. No crazy exercise program needed to get success. Although I have only been with her for a short time I will be recommending her to everyone I know! Best choice I’ve made.”
Emma Lawrie




Pippa Hill

Pippa is an internationally renowned weight loss expert combining 11 years of experience in nutrition, eating psychology & exercise to create her unique & highly successful programme that has helped over 3000 clients take control of their life, deal with their food issues, and change their life for the better – permanently. Pippa’s Reclaim Your Life & Metabolic Age Reversal Programmes & The Truth Behind Weight Loss video series have achieved outstanding client results.

Previously Publisher of some of the highest selling glossy health, fitness and fashion magazines, for the last 11 years Pippa has been a top level Nutritionist, Eating Psychology Coach & Exercise For Weight Loss Expert. Now all consultations & sessions are conducted on zoom unless otherwise requested.

With 57,000 hours of client experience Pippa also has vast evidence based knowledge on the simplest, swiftest & most sustainable lifestyle that can lead anyone to their ideal weight – permanently.

Pippa also offers low cost fat freezing, radio frequency & cavitation weight loss treatments. Prices are some of the cheapest fat freezing prices in Fulham, Parsons Green, Chelsea and surrounding areas.


Pippa’s 7 step programme has helped over 3000 clients successfully lose a substantial amount of weight swiftly, simply & sustainably; without dieting or the gym. This is the simplest plan there is to lose up to a stone or more (6.6kg) in 5 weeks.

Find a happier, healthier, slimmer you. Forever . Get your life back. It’s life changing . 


80% of the body you’ve created is through the food and drink you consume.

As a top nutritionist Pippa gives you all the knowledge you need to understand where you are going wrong in your weight loss journey.

This programme guides, educates and surprises you giving you the truthful facts about everything you should be eating, when and how.

The truth behind proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetable, fruit, snacks, timings of eating, portion size, social eating, the science behind weight loss, alcohol, trendy milks, hormones, water and Glyceamic Index.

Pippa cuts through all the fake news, myths and commercial food producers hype to explain to you the real truth behind the simplest and healthiest way to eat for your body type.


15% of the body you’ve created is through the exercise you do.

To reduce you food intake by 500 calories means just not eating a plate of lasagna. To burn off 500 calories through exercise means running 10 miles!

As a top exercise for weight loss coach with 57,000 client hours of experience under her belt Pippa gives you the real facts about exercise and your body type.

Pippa gives you guidance on what postural changes, general movement, resistance exercise and vigorous exercise (if any) is needed to achieve your ideal body shape and size.

Eating Psychology

With many people the food and exercise are the easy part; it’s the emotions that can hinder a successful weight loss journey.

As an experienced Eating Psychology Coach Pippa gives you all the coping mechanisms you need to achieve great results.

Pippa provides CBT, NLP and visualisation methods to change your emotional relationship with food; she eliminates eating disorders, sugar addictions and self sabotage.

Pippa gives you inspiration,  motivation, encouragement in a no excuses style of coaching.

All Pippa needs from you is the commitment to succeed and the results will be outstanding.



De-age yourself by as much as 20 years with Pippa’s Metabolic Age Reversal Programme.

Through lack of good nutrition knowledge and a poor regular exercise routine most people over the age of 40 have an age measurement that puts them at as many as 15 years over their biological age.

On completion of this programme clients regularly have a metric age measurement that puts them at 5 years younger than their biological age.

The programme can literally reverse your metabolic age.

Feel lighter, brighter, happier and healthier by turning back the clock to find the old you.

Your better you.

Live longer by changing your life for the better – permanently.

“Through 57,000 hours of practical experience providing clients with a healthy nutrition and general movement lifestyle way of living I have managed to de-age thousands of people. Literally giving them back as much as 20 years of life expectancy. This programme literally is life changing.”

Nutrition/ Exercise


Fast weight loss videos available. 20 Nutrition for weight loss & 15 exercise for weight loss videos available to purchase.


For more than 11 years Pippa has helped over three thousand clients shape up and lose weight.

Here’s what some of her many happy clients have to say.

“I’ve struggled with my relationship with food and weight gain over recent years. As a 45 year old who sits at a desk all day it was time to take action. Nothing I’d ever tried was sustainable until I met Pippa – and wow – she’s a powerful force. In three weeks I’ve lost 15lbs, got on top of my sugar addiction, and believe that I have changed how I eat forever. I needed somebody to tell me clearly and directly what to do, and she does. We tweak what I’m doing on the weekly check ins when we spend just 15 minutes. What I love about Pippa is how she gets to the point.  She’s seen and heard all the excuses before and cuts you off mid sentence and tells you what to do. Just what some us need! I’d recommend to anybody”

Hi Pippa. I’m now 10 stone 3. 10 pound loss in 10 days. Very happy with that. 5 more to go! Thanks for your advice. Merry Christmas 🎄

“I simply want to shout from the rooftops how fantastic, effective and cool Pippa, the Weight Loss Guru, is! I contacted Pippa in mid April 2020 and 2.5 months later I have lost 10kg (1.6 stone) – I am beyond delighted! I feel confident again and have restarted buying clothes (which I had virtually stopped buying for 2 or so years). Pippa has helped me to lose weight in a balanced, healthy way – by eating well and doing the right kind of exercise. I never feel hungry and my overall diet has improved tremendously. I eat so much more fruit and vegetables and no longer crave pastries, chocolate and all the other foods that made me overweight (I do still indulge from time to time, of course, but I now know how to get back on it). Pippa is friendly, no nonsense and a great guru to have! I needed a push in the right direction and to have someone provide help and guidance and Pippa did that which has been so effective for me. Thank you Pippa :)”

“I couldn’t recommend Pippa enough. Her nutrition advice and plan is effective, permanent and perfectly easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. She has changed my life in a way I didn’t think was possible at my age. The weight loss guru are highly professional and simply the best at what they do.”

“I highly recommend Pippa. I have lost a stone in one month and could not have done it without Pippa’s support. Great informative videos and love the vimeo work outs too. I facetime her weekly which keeps me on track and she sets me a weekly goal. Feel the best I have in years. A new way of eating not dieting.”


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