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A life changing experience

Hi Pippa, tomorrow my mum will weigh herself, as it’ll be a week since she started the diet. Believe it or not, she stopped taking her diabetes tablets 3 days ago, she’s not out of breath when she walks around and no longer falls asleep on the sofa. She’s energetic and never gets hungry at night after 6pm. We are very grateful to you. It’ll be a life changing experience. Thanks ever so much xx


Absolutely amazing

The weight loss guru Pippa is absolutely amazing and over the past 3 months I have lost 2stone 11lbs by following her plan. I have changed when and what I eat with Pippa’s weekly advice and support. Pippa also gives exercises to do to enhance the food plan. The food plan is easy and very manageable even for a busy working mum like myself. I definitely recommend Pippa.


Life changing for me

My first call with Pippa was so pleasant it is like she knew exactly what i needed and instantly decided this is for me. After our first session she just put a spark in me that it is possible to attain your goal and get healthy and active and ow yes she was right, so far with Pippa I have lost 2 stone -14 kg so far and the weight is still coming off on a weekly basis. Her advice and support has been life changing for me. I had this constant huger is a thing and now it is a thing of the distant I cannot believe at the changes i have been able to make. I previously had lost weight with other plans and diets but with Pippa I have come to understand its not about dieting its about eating the right food and making it a life change to be conscious and eat healthy and enjoy the food. And that certain foods do not bring any nutrition and with Pippa support and weekly catch ups I have learned so much and still are. If you told me this a few years ago I would have turned the concept down. But being on the plan and having the wonderful Pippa support me and give me some great nutrition advice and exercise routines has been life changing for me. And as I am still on my journey I shall come back with another update in a few months.


Such a positive experience

I have had such a positive experience working with Pippa. She has helped educate me on the right type of nutrition that works for my body. In less than 1 month I have lost more weight than I would have ever imagined and I have so much more energy. I used to be tired and bloated all the time and now I feel leaner and full of energy. This is just the beginning of my new found journey to health thanks to Pippa. I really can’t wait to see what the next few months will hold. If you are serious about losing weight the right way then I would highly recommend connecting with Pippa right away. She is extremely knowledgable in her trade but most importantly is a lovely person to work with and is totally committed to her clients achieving positive results.


I absolutely love Pippa’s approach

I absolutely love Pippa’s approach. She is amazingly focused on women’s problems for weight loss and nutrition. I’ve tried a million times before and never managed to stick to a comprehensive health routine because it was created for men! Pippa changes the way you see eating and exercising. Her knowledge of women’s bodies, bad habits and mental pitfalls is amazing so she is surgical about action and makes you efficient! Her nutrition tips are simple, yummy and for life! I would give her a 10/10. Thank you Pippa!


Best I’ve ever done

Good morning Pippa, the results are in….I’ve lost 6.5lbs in my first week which is absolutely fantastic. This eating plan is definitely the best I’ve ever done.


I love Pippa’s approach

I have had three sessions with Pippa so far… cannot be happier. Not only have I lost 6kgs in less than a month, but what’s so beautiful about her method is that I actually didn’t have to change my routine that much! It’s all about what you eat and when, not about dieting and then bouncing back! I love Pippa’s approach and have enjoyed her tips and advice! Would recommend to everyone!


Thank you

Thank you for all your nutritional advice – I’ve lost 3 pounds so far this week! I will keep this up. Thanks again 🙂


I couldn’t be more happy with Pippa

Before Pippa I was really struggling with weight loss, I had a bad problem with eating too much rice and chips, It made me very unhappy as I was overweight. The knowledge and support from Pippa has been amazing and I’m now loosing 3/4 Kg a week! Honestly I couldn’t be more happy with Pippa, she has truly helped me turn my life around


Amazing, thank you

Amazing, thank you. Really appreciate the support. Mentally I’m feeling good that I’m wrestling back control, but think that I need a talking to in order to reinforce every now and again. I need to break a lifetime of bad habits!


I’m soo glad to have found Pippa

I’m soo glad to have found Pippa; it’s not just about a diet but a healthy life style and this is what Pippa offers; she educates you to have a real change for the rest of your life. Pippa is amazing, she’s always keen to answer your questions, i’ve seen changes not only in my body but my mind set in just a little over a week… i would recommend the Reclaim your life course and obviously Pippa a 10000%. Thank you Pippa 🙂


An amazing dietician

Pippa, is an amazing dietician she helped me overcome my issues I had with food. She motivated me to become healthier, exercise and last but not least to lose a lot of weight without restricting myself.


I feel beautiful and strong

You made me realise my own strength and showed me what I could do if I just tried. You built up confidence and made me more aware, as well as educating me in managing my own health. The Weight Loss Guru has truly inspired & motivated me to keep up with this lifestyle. I feel beautiful and strong. I owe this all to you. Thank you for absolutely everything – you have no idea how you just changed my life.


I couldn’t recommend her more

Pippa helped me getting back on shape in only 2 weeks! I am very happy about my results and I couldn’t recommend her more! This have been the first time in my life I followed a diet without feeling hungry all the time and losing weight so quickly! 5 stars aren’t enough!


You really made me a better person

Thank you ♥️ you really made me a better person because you shifted my attitude towards food but that impacted more than just what I ate; my mental health and my attitude towards socialising and even my job. Pippa you have fully changed my life. I can’t believe the change from 12 months ago. I still fluctuate but losing 25 kilos made me a happier and healthier person. So thank you again… can’t wait to see you next week.


Pippa really knows what she’s talking about

This was probably one of my best decisions. Pippa really knows what she’s talking about. And she get results. I have been raving about her to all my friends that have worries and injuries or weight or health in general. I have had lots of trainers in my time but Pippa is specific and by far the most effective. I’m really very glad to have found her.


I have almost reversed the diabetes

I have some fantastic news. I had the results of my three month blood test today and I have almost reversed the diabetes! The diabetic threshold is 48ml and I am 43 which is 1ml above the pre-diabetic threshold which means I no longer need any medication and am only off about 3.5kg from completely reversing it! Wow – ten years of chronic illness reversed! I still want to go down some more kilos presently and I know I can do this as the eating regime suits me perfectly. Mark (husband) is losing too. So once again thank you for setting me off on this route – I would not have achieved this without you.


I’d recommend to anybody

I’ve struggled with my relationship with food and weight gain over recent years. As a 45 year old who sits at a desk all day it was time to take action. Nothing I’d ever tried was sustainable until I met Pippa – and wow – she’s a powerful force. In three weeks I’ve lost 15lbs, got on top of my sugar addiction, and believe that I have changed how I eat forever. I needed somebody to tell me clearly and directly what to do, and she does. We tweak what I’m doing on the weekly check ins when we spend just 15 minutes. What I love about Pippa is how she gets to the point. She’s seen and heard all the excuses before and cuts you off mid sentence and tells you what to do. Just what some us need! I’d recommend to anybody.


I could not recommend Pippa highly enough

I could not recommend Pippa highly enough. Not only did I lose 10kg in 6 weeks but I’ve felt fitter and lighter than I have in years. She’s got the perfect equilibrium of hardcore work outs and championing motivation; and because of that I feel great.


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