What Pippa's clients say!

I honestly can’t believe it

I’m currently sat in a changing room crying because I fit into a size 10 pair of jeans. SIZE 10! I haven’t been that size since my early 20s. Size 16 to size 10. I honestly can’t believe it. I cannot thank you enough for all your support and guidance. Xxx


Pippa’s insight is brilliant

Pippa’s insight to eating patterns and the psychology of one’s weight sabotage is brilliant. Just isolating the thinking is so useful. I can’t recommend her highly enough as she really cares and is passionate about her client’s success and works hard to make sure you recognise your triggers and bad habits and change to much healthier choices. She also has beauty tips and many other very useful pieces of information to help you in your journey of improvement.


I have never seen such success

Good morning Pippa, I weighed myself this morning and I am absolutely astounded by my readings this morning. In fact I thought they were incorrect and I weighed myself 3 times! I have never seen such success in such a short time by following your plan.


Thank you for everything

Please thank Pippa for being so amazing with Lisa she has learnt so much and is in such a better space. We will definitely be in touch if Lisa feels she needs a bit of help or needs guidance. Thank you for everything you have all been amazing.

Mother of teenager (Lisa)

I honestly don’t think I’ll ever suffer with weight issues ever again

I really am so blown away by how good I feel having put into practice the knowledge I now have , as a consequence of Pippa Hills help. Cutting out sugar and certain carbs has stopped the ( years of) cravings and everything seems simpler and easy. 4 months ago I had a diagnosed autoimmune disease and subsequently a thyroid disorder that meant I was stacking on the weight and gradually doing less and less activity. I had lost my Confidence in everything and felt dreadful on a daily basis. I didn’t want to go out and had started to buy tents for dresses. I realised I had to turn things around and take responsibility for my body. The doctors were not going to help. I couldn’t face doing it alone and reached out. Thankfully I found Pippa. Since I started the programme 4 months ago I have lost 15 kgs. I have struggled with my weight for 40 years and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever suffer with weight issues ever again. I now understand the formula for sorting it out and it’s so easy. It’s not rocket science or painful. It’s logical and totally doable if you have the determination. We all think we kind of know this stuff, but Pippa explains it in a way that seemed to strike a chord and I realised that I haven’t really known it. If only someone had given me this education when I was 16, my life might have been a bit less painful! You really can make it happen with Pippa’s help.

Katherine Kent

Pippa has helped me loose 14 kg in just 3 months

Pippa has helped me loose 14 kg in just 3 months. I have had a baby 1 year ago and I will be going back to her for more support. Cannot wait when I get back to my best shape again but I know the journey will be short with Pippa’s help!

Sophie Khinch

 I would highly recommend

I am still enjoying my journey with Pippa but wanted to post a review.  Pippa is very supportive, full of energy and helps you look at so many parts of your life to be healthier and live longer.  Love the twice weekly fitness videos which I can watch anytime to suit and the 1-2-1 sessions mean that we really focus on what is working and not.  I would highly recommend signing up if you are fully committed to living a healthier life.

Alex Kilcoyne

Pippa continuously supports me on my journey

I have worked with Pippa since the beginning of 2022, I was always thinking about how best to eat and how best to exercise to get the body I wanted, Pippa answered those questions for me. I lost weight, gained confidence and Pippa continuously supports me on my journey to be happier and healthier. Recommend 100%, if you’re questioning it, go for it!


Pippa has been truly amazing

Pippa has been truly amazing at guiding me through the best and healthiest ways to lose weight. I had tried diets in the past, healthy eating etc but nothing seemed to work. I contacted Pippa and joined her for an 8 week programme – with her expert knowledge and support, I overhauled my lifestyle (what I eat, when I eat and the best time to exercise) and I’m delighted that I have lost 3 stone! I couldn’t of done it without her and I couldn’t recommend The Weight Loss Guru more highly!

Hayley Crowe

Pippa is effective, supportive and persistent

Pippa is effective, supportive and persistent. I’m down three stone (in 6 months) thanks to her sensible and facts-based method. I really wanted to lose weight, and I also knew I needed expert help – Pippa provided that in the form of weekly check-ins, routines, recipes, exercises and advice. She’s great!

Sarah Finke

Everything that Pippa does is backed up by science

Pippa has taught me to treat my body like I’m an animal – which of course we all are. She has changed not just what I eat, but when I eat, and how I exercise. I’m always interested in the evidence, and everything that Pippa does is backed up by science. 

Lisa Quinn

The best gift I’ve ever done to myself

I was quite sceptical when I signed up to the 6 week program with Pippa – after all, I tried so many diets and I thought I was quite clued up about nutrition. The program, Pippa’s insights and her help have been the best gift I’ve ever done to myself. For the first time ever I’ve been able to feel ok about my body and that was through a lifestyle change that is easy to carry on after the program, rather than a quick fix diet. Super recommended!

Cecilia Manduca

What a fabulous, caring and inspirational woman!

What a fabulous, caring and inspirational woman! Pippa is fantastic and a complete life saver. Her knowledge on all things nutrition and being healthy is second to none. She guides you through making realistic lifestyle changes with no faddy diets or tricks. If you want to get healthy and manage your weight, look no further 

Stevie Wicks

Exactly what I was looking for

I have been working with Pippa for 3 months now and as a result have lost almost 14kg. Her strict no nonsense philosophy was exactly what I was looking for as with the right mental attitude it is easy to work into your daily routine. Pippa was flexible with the package I took and now I really enjoy our monthly check-ins to make sure I am staying in track. A real game changer.

Andy Devey

Working with Pippa has changed my life

It’s no exaggeration to say that working with Pippa has changed my life. No counting calories, no pointing food, no tracking. Just changes to the way I eat and why I eat, delicious food, and five months along, I’ve lost four and a half stone and feel healthier than I ever have. And the best thing is that this isn’t a diet, and there’s no waiting to get back to ‘normal’. This is normal now and I feel amazing! I can’t recommend highly enough if you’re ready to make the changes you need to get healthy. Pippa is with you all the way!

Danielle Phipps

A winning formula for losing weight!

Pippa has created a winning formula for losing weight! On top of this, her knowledge on exercise and nutrition means she has all of the tools in place to help you succeed, all you need is the motivation to put the work in

Joe E

Thank you so much 

Meeting Pippa has changed my life. I’ve not only lost weight, but have come away with a completely different attitude to eating and exercise. I feel healthier mentally and physically, and even after my 6 weeks with her, I know the changes I’ve made are life long and will continue to benefit me and my family. Thank you so much 

Chi Darby

Its been so much easier than i thought

When I came to Pippa, I was miserable.  I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and suffering with stress, anxiety and depression. I’m 44, have a 4 year old and a super stressful job.  Add to that a new thyroid issue,  lots of stress,  being mum, running a house,  lockdown and serious stress eating and you have me. I’ve trained my whole life and ran marathons but since having my little one all of that stopped. I thought I knew my body,  so I tried to kick start the regime I used to have…. but it didn’t work and things spiraled out of control even more. Actually its been so much easier than i thought. Pippa’s videos and coaching helped me to realign my thinking and most importantly for me,  helped me to understand the WHY!! Why I’m doing what I’m doing and the impacts it will have.

Brerah Sharif

I wish I could give more than 5 stars

Pippa is absolutely incredible, she is so supportive, helpful and genuinely cares about your well-being. She is so knowledgeable and has helped me so much with my knowledge around nutrition and why I used to reach for those late night snacks! The education and support has helped me lose a significant amount of weight in a short space of time, healthily and sustainably. I cannot wait to see what we manage to achieve over the coming months!
I wish I could give more than 5 stars because she deserves it! 

Holly Rowsell

Pippa helped me to achieve something great

I’ve been struggling with my weight for over 10 years, Pippa helped me to achieve something great. With her guidance and expertise I managed to completely turn around my bad behaviour about binge eating and lack of physical exercise. I lost 14kg and I’m now in great shape, as close to my ideal weight as I can remember. Not only I’m confident I will be able to lose the few remaining kg I need, but also that I’ll be able to stay healthy and fit.

Diego Quintano

My husband has lost a stone in 3 weeks and I have lost 11 pounds

Pippas extensive knowledge and expertise about nutrition is second to none. She has changed both mine and my husbands way of thinking about food. We are not on a diet, we are just following Pippas guidance . Pippa explains the reasons why you should and should not eat certain food and it really makes sense !! My husband has lost a stone in 3 weeks and I have lost 11 pounds. We are not on a diet , we are making really great changes for life. Pippa is very supportive and has lots of information which she gladly shares. Our weekly zoom calls are always fun and informative and we really look forward to them !! Pippa is a really lovely lady, who will help you achieve your goal however big or small.

Emma Kemp

I would highly recommend

My sister has suffered many years of bloating and unhealthy eating habits. During lockdown she started suffering a lot more bloating as well as having regular headaches and generally feeling tired. After several weeks of my sister using this service she has lost not only a stone and a half in weight but she has been retrained as to how to have a healthy diet and exercise routine. She looks and feels a lot better. The lady messages her during the week and she is very quick to reply to any queries. My sister has meetings once a week and has been teaching her family how to better their habits. Having seen the results I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about understanding what nutrition is about and how to retrain your brain into making the right choices about what you eat.

Natalie Flitton

Pippa is absolutely brilliant

Pippa is absolutely brilliant, she is extremely motivating and thanks to her help I was able to feel so much better and get healthy. Strongly recommend hiring her, she’s worth every penny.


I am now the lightest I have been for 16 years

I signed up with Pippa just before Christmas which is a stupid time to start a new lifestyle. It is now mid March and I have lost over 2 stone thanks to her fantastic eating and training coaching. I am now the lightest I have been for 16 years and I am sure I can get another stone off to be at my perfect weight. This is not a fad diet it is actually a change of lifestyle and I will defiantly not be going back to old habits, thanks Pippa, I would highly recommend!!

Clive Berry

Pippa is an outstanding nutritionist

A worth-while investment in your health! An enjoyable, fulfilling experience which changed for life my relationship with food and myself. Pippa is an outstanding nutritionist I cannot stop talking about!! I wished more people would see nutritionists as a priority in their lives.

Raluca Chende

She has a world of knowledge

This wonderful lady set me on the right path after years and years of struggling with my weight.  She has a world of knowledge and really makes things easy to follow. No diets, just teaching methods to change your life for the better forever.  It’s not a quick fix and there are good days and difficult days.  However contact her when you feel you are struggling and she will remind you of why you are on the journey you are on and help you to jump back into it.  I am still on my way and even though our 8 week sessions are over, I think of her each time I feel I may give up


Cannot recommend her enough 10/10

Well where do I start ? Feb, 18 and a half stone really struggling with depression and going doctors and hospitals with foot / ankle problems basically couldn’t walk in a morning. Joined Pippa and she has changed my life both physically and mentally I am now 15 stone in just 6 weeks , pain free and tablet free and loving life. Please if you’re like I was , she is the one . Cannot recommend her enough 10/10 thank you Pippa

Anthony Williams

It all makes total sense

Pippa has the answer to weight loss in a completely and totally sustainable and logical way, it all makes total sense and it really really works! She is great fun and a wealth of wonderful information and I just can’t recommend her enough


The Best Health Guru in the World!!

Needless to say she’s the best health Guru in the World!! I know I will miss her because I absolutely love talking to her. Her expertise and support is superb! Way beyond 5 Star! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I am so so blessed to have met you and benefited so much from my one to one plan. I really have got my life back!


Pippa has been transformational for me

Pippa has been transformational for me. Her insight and educative approach has been super inspiring and even though I broke my ankle early into my sessions – I still managed to lose weight by adapting exercise and also maintaining all the good lessons about eating (why, how and when). I am almost halfway through my journey with Pippa and feel blessed that I founder her. I think you will too!

Gabriele Jesson

I couldn’t thank you enough

Hi Pippa, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to update you on how the journey is going. I am so happy and proud because I have achieved the goals we set for the month ☺️ I couldn’t thank you enough, I have fallen in love with exercise and eating healthy again ! Thank you for this journey and for helping me achieve these goals. Wish you all the best, 


This programme feels completely sustainable

I contacted Pippa in January this year, as like many people of my age, i’ve hit 50 and although I was doing all the things that worked in the past have seen a gradual increase in belly fat and weight. My patterns of behaviour around my eating and drinking have added over a stone to my comfortable weight which is 10 stone. I felt very frustrated and didn’t know how to change my weight or experience. Pippa gathered information about how I eat and drink, but also how my thinking is preventing effective change. We met weekly and I have lost 14 pounds to date. I never feel hungry, I am not on a diet and my belly is almost completely flat again. This programme feels completely sustainable. Pippa is lovely; motivational and really knows her stuff. It has been the weekly check in that has empowered me to take charge of my own experience. Pippa’s book is great as an added resource, but the personalised programme is what has really worked for me. It’s an investment in a healthy lifestyle and long term well-being that has been worthwhile.

Abi Dillon

This is the lady you want to talk to

Pippa is very experienced, direct (no BS) and knowledgeable in all areas- nutrition, exercise & mental health. If you want results regardless of your situation, this is the lady you want to talk to. Thank You Pippa for today’s resourceful session & looking forward our next call!

Lucia C

I’d highly recommend Pippa

The decision to work with Pippa is one of the best ones I’ve made with my health & fitness. I reached out to her because i wanted to get out of the long time plateau stage of my weight loss and to get to my ideal weight/body shape. During my 4 weeks of working with her, i lost half a stone in weight! With her expert knowledge and support, I overhauled my lifestyle (what I eat, when I eat and the best time to exercise). I’ll continue with this journey to get to my ideal weight/body shape. I’d highly recommend Pippa if you want to lose weight sustainably and for the long term. Thank you Pippa for everything 🙂

Seun Odusanya

I even kept it up on holiday

Pippa was great at providing all the information you need to make better choices in diet and lifestyle. Her coaching sessions were useful and kept me on track to reach my goals. I lost 10kg in just over 3 months even with long haul business travel which was amazing. Easy to understand and worked around a busy schedule, family and work commitments. I even kept it up on holiday.

Nichole Gandemer

I cannot recommend highly enough

I cannot recommend highly enough. When I found Pippa I thought if I don’t do something I am only going to continue to gain weight. Lockdown, menopause and depression sent me into a downward spiral and none of my attempts to get back on track worked anymore. Pippa gave me the tools and motivation to do what I needed to do and I feel back to my old self again after only 2 months. Thank you! X

Debbie Hryb

All my lockdown weight is gone

Lost 23lbs with Pippa and a whole new way to live! All my lockdown weight is gone. Really enjoyed chatting to Pippa weekly to keep me on track. It’s easy to follow and based on science. Thanks Pippa!

Korina Holmes

Her programme isn’t a diet but a correct lifestyle

I was looking for a nutritionist, especially someone who would help me not only losing weight but learn a right lifestyle and help me with my bloating. Thankfully, I came across the weight loss guru. She helped me a lot. She showed me what to eat ( with no diet, which is great because you don’t feel restricted in following a diet), how to eat and more importantly the mealtime. Also, Pippa advised which exercise are best for your shape (exercise to do at home with no equipment needed!!). I have still 6 weeks to go with Pippa’s programme, but I am very happy for the result so far. Her programme isn’t a diet but a correct lifestyle that you can carry with you.

Clarissa Agostini

16KG down already

A few weeks in and the results are amazing! 16KG down already. Pippa’s no nonsense approach really works and knowing that you you will see her every week keeps you on track 🙂

Savva Zacharia

Pippa was fantastic

Pippa was fantastic. I learnt so much about weight loss and about living a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable! I’d highly recommend her services 🙂

Jenny Wilson

I will be eternally grateful

I have worked with Pippa for nearly two years now and am much fitter healthier as a result. Her simple to follow dietry advice mixed in with exercise has reduced my weight and helped my health generally. I will be eternally grateful.

Roger Lye

I feel fantastic! It was so easy!

I joined pippa 4 weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out how to loose the extra weight, I was having porridge for breakfast and eating good quality food for dinner. I was at a loss.Pippa the said to change my cereal to eggs, fish pulses etc and have my dinner before 6 pm and not to eat after that. Well, the weight came off and now I feel fantastic! It was so easy! I haven’t had to work at it at all, just those simple changes changed my life!

Joanne Congerton

Life changing for me

My first call with Pippa was so pleasant it is like she knew exactly what i needed and instantly decided this is for me . After our first session she just put a spark in me that it is possible to attain your goal and get healthy and active and ow yes she was right , so far with Pippa i have lost 2 stone -14 kg so far and the weight is still coming off on a weekly basis. Her advise and support has been life changing for me. I had this constant huger is a thing and now it is a thing of the distant I cannot believe at the changes i have been able to make . I previously had lost weight with other plans and diets but with Pippa i have come to understand its not about dieting its about eating the right food and making it a life change to be conscious and eat healthy and enjoy the food. And that certain foods do not bring any nutrition and with Pippa support and weekly catch ups i have learned so much and still are. If you told me this a few years ago i would have turned the concept down . But being on the plan and having the wonderful Pippa support me and give me some great nutrition advice and exercise routines has been life changing for me. And as i am still on my journey i shall come back with another update in a few months .

Angel Fernane

I cannot shout loud enough about how amazing Pippa is

I cannot thank Pippa enough for the incredible work she does. She is supportive, friendly, genuinely cares for your well-being and I have recommended her to all of my friends. She has helped me understand the psychology behind why I emotional eat, as well as how to strip that fat fast but in the most sustainable, enjoyable way. I cannot shout loud enough about how amazing Pippa is, she really has helped me change my mindset, habits and I am SO much happier as a result of having her supporting me through this journey.

Holly Rowsell

Big thank you Pippa, you are my hero

After almost a year in lockdown, I gained weight and decided to seek help with a nutritionist for the first time. I found Pippa online after reading multiple excellent reviews about the Weight Loss Guru. In 6 weeks, Pippa educated me on how to eat well and keep healthy, and more importantly how to never put on weight again and stay fit. At the end of my programme, I reached all my goals set with her in our first meeting. In other words, my mission was accomplished.
I learnt what I was doing wrong and her valuable advice and tutorial on eating habits have changed me forever. Big thank you Pippa, you are my hero

Rubeena H

I wish I had come across her 20 years ago!

I am thrilled with the help and education that Pippa has given me. Losing weight with her has been much easier than any previous efforts and even though I am still in the WeightLoss phase It is so comparatively easy and effective. I now have the tools and the knowledge that I need for the future and knowing Pippa is out there in case of any wobbles is hugely reassuring. I wish I had come across her 20 years ago!

Lucy Bailey

Great personal training and nutrition guidance

Great personal training and nutrition guidance. Tailored workouts that provide cardio and toning benefit. Good fun too.

Helen Mann

The best investment you can make for yourself

I’ve lost over 3 stone in 5 months in the easiest,  safest and educating way.  After years of trying everything I’ve finally found someone who understands the science and psychology behind successful weightloss.  THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE FOR YOURSELF!

D Smith

I have and would highly recommend the Weight Loss Guru

I live an active life style and thought I understood what a healthy, balanced diet was. For the whole of my adult life, I have put weight on, felt unwell and then lost a couple of stone through going on a diet but never managed to maintain the weight loss, as the food on the diet became a chore to eat and I craved other foods. The Weight Loss Guru has changed this. Through the videos, healthy eating plan and Zoom meetings, which came as part of the package I subscribed to, I have lost three stone and I am still losing the weight. I understand the impact different foods have and my relationship with food has changed. I have and would highly recommend the Weight Loss Guru to anyone who is committed to losing weight.

Clive Trowbridge

5 stars aren’t enough!

Pippa helped me getting back on shape in only 2 weeks! I am very happy about my results and I couldn’t recommend her more! This have been the first time in my life I followed a diet without feeling hungry all the time and losing weight so quickly! 5 stars aren’t enough!

Fra Fra

I loved how simple and easy her program is!

Pippa is absolutely amazing! I loved how simple and easy her program is! She’s also hilarious! Definitely works, I’m very happy.

Z Pauli

Over the last almost 3 months I have lost well over 2 stone

I have really benefitted from the help, support and advice received during the time I have been working with the weight loss guru. I started in January feeling nervous and worried that I am a lost cause. However once I started I not only realised that I wasn’t a lost cause but I discovered that losing weight was entirely possible. Over the last almost 3 months I have lost well over 2 stone, I’ve been much more active and my cholesterol is now down to an acceptable level 

Mary Ives

She’s completely changed my life

Have had Pippa as a nutritionist for 2 years now and she’s completely changed my life. My attitude towards eating and drinking has changed dramatically, I feel so alive. Couldn’t recommend her more.

Jodie Battle

Pippa is amazing

I’m soo glad to have found Pippa; it’s not just about a diet but a healthy life style and this is what Pippa offers; she educates you to have a real change for the rest of your life. Pippa is amazing, she’s always keen to answer your questions, i’ve seen changes not only in my body but my mind set in just a little over a week… i would recommend the Reclaim your life course and obviously Pippa a 10000%. 

Margarita Vargas

Pippa is fantastic

Pippa is fantastic – tenacious, no nonsense, and gives you the tools to stay full, lose lots of weight (3 stone so far) and keep it off. I’ve tried everything – Pippa works.

Robert S

This is life changing!

I am still enjoying my journey with Pippa but wanted to post a review. Pippa is very supportive, full of energy and helps you look at so many parts of your life to be healthier and live longer. She’s guiding me through food, exercise, emotional eating, hormone issues and certainly providing motivation! I would highly recommend signing up if you are committed to living a healthier life. This is life changing! Thank you Pippa for everything 🙂

Rachel R

My lifestyle has changed

Pippa! July 1st – stood on the scales and I’ve made it! 9 stone 7 was my target weight and this morning I got on the scales and there the numbers were smiling at me…I’m keeping going.

My lifestyle has changed. I drank and ate (carefully) at Glastonbury for 3 days but walked 67,000 steps and danced a lot so that covered it…I can’t thank you enough for starting me on this journey. I feel fantastic.  Am recommending you to friends


I am a completely different person confidence wise

Having worked with Pippa for over two months I’ve noticed a massive change in my body. I am a completely different person confidence wise and to add the cherry on the cake I have more ab definition and my legs have also significantly got smaller. My relationship with food is also so much better as well. Thank you Pippa. Can’t wait for the rest of the journey

Aisling Thomas

I have lost 11kg and feel great!

I have been working with Pippa for two months now as part of the 12-week programme. I have lost 11kg and feel great! Halfway through the programme, I managed to lose 3kg in 2 weeks without counting calories or restricting myself! I have loved Pippa’s approach to weight loss as it is not just about eating the right food and doing the correct exercises, but also tackling the mental barriers that can come up throughout the journey. I have struggled with my relationship with food for years and I finally feel like I’ve found a new way of looking at it without labelling anything good or bad. Pippa has so much knowledge on different areas relating to health and fitness. Would 100% recommend!

Kat P

Already learning a lot

Just starting with Pippa and already learning a lot about small changes with big impact. Looking forward to learning more on this journey!

Edith Keel

You are in my ‘blessings’ most days

Morning! I just wanted to touch base and say that your book is brilliant and reaffirms my journey with you – so very helpful. Also, you are in my ‘blessings’ most days as I slip into my size 12 jeans and realise they are too big! Final chat with you next Tuesday. Have a great week. A x


I’ve lost a stone of menopausal weight gain

Pippa nutritional knowledge is superb. The food is so easy for my busy life. The exercise no gym needed I’ve lost a stone of menopausal weight gain in a couple of months. Now on the way to getting back to my low weight from 30’s 😍. Feeling happy and healthy. Highly recommended

Julia O’Gorman

Quite simply the best

Quite simply the best way I have ever tried to lose weight! Pippa is brilliant explaining the science behind food and eating. Weekly chats and continuous encouragement really help along with new Information to reach that goal. After 8 weeks I have lost 1 stone, and feel guilty if I don’t do my morning exercises. Thats a new me! 🙂 . For me, this has been a lifestyle change not a diet. I can feel the change in my body shape and my husband and friends started commenting after only a few weeks. I cant thank Pippa enough for showing me the way to a healthy, happier me. 😊. Knowing that Pippa is there anytime I need more help is so comforting and keeping me focused to continue on my journey and reach my goal weight and body shape. A huge thank you to you Pippa, couldn’t have done it without you.

Angela Croxford

Pippa is a real deal

When you search for answers for 3 years, failing, starting again and failing again and then this incredible lady comes along and gets it all fixed in 3 weeks – that feels magical. Pippa is a real deal in all things fitness, healthy lifestyle and of course weight loss. 5kg off and feeling fantastic- and only regret is to why I didn’t meet Pippa earlier in my life to kick start this life style earlier and feel happy healthy and energetic.

Marina Lyons

The weight loss has been rapid, but healthy, and sustainable

I met Pippa at a time when I really wanted to lose weight and I almost ‘knew’ too much to know where to start. She explained very clearly the science behind her approach, busted some myths, and made it very accessible, with great accountability. The weight loss has been rapid, but healthy, and sustainable. I am never going back to where I was.

Selina Lamy

Pippa is a genius! I have lost 3 stone

Pippa is a genius! I have lost 3 stone and got my original body back. I was so unhappy with my weight following an early menopause. I was doing all the things I thought I should be doing but was not able to shift the extra weight. I love the way Pippa looks at everything.It’s a life style change not a diet with not just a focus on what you eat, but when you eat, how to exercise and the mental side of things too ! It continues to work for me and I can’t recommend Pippa highly enough! Life changing and worth every penny if you are struggling and unhappy with you weight!

Nicky Patrick

Pippa has changed my life

Cheesy as it sounds, Pippa has changed my life. I’ve lost 40lb in 4 months, all while socialising and enjoying food. After years of food guilt and dieting, a fortune on PTs and fads, for the first time in my life I feel in control. Pippa had taught me so much about nutrition and my body that the right choices come easy now with no calorie counting or obsessing.

The Fooks

I am so thankful for you Pippa

There are so many emotions that I can’t describe them all. We all need to learn to ask for help, thank God I finally did! On my first session , I listened and took to heart everything I was told and because I
followed your instructions my life will never be the same. From 83 kg to 66 kg my dream come true , to be honest with you I did cheat  days but always return to healthy lifestyle! and yup still losing weight 😁. My journey has not stopped so I will continue until I reach my goal , I am size 12 now and few more and will be back to size 10 . I am so thankful for you Pippa 🙏  the knowledge and support you provided for me has been exactly what I needed. Thanks xx


Thank you so much

I have tried many different diets and eating plans to try and lose weight and nothing has ever worked so well and dare I say so easily as this. Our one to one sessions both encouraged me and taught me a lot about nutrition and the exercise I need for my age (55) to lose the weight and now maintain. Thank you so much.

Sarah Sofizade

She has really changed my life

I have recently completed a 12 week course with Pippa and she has really changed my life, the weight is coming off and I have a different relationship with food now and I have a new improved lifestyle thanks to Pippa . Would highly recommend to anyone who struggles with weight loss.

Louise Radcliffe

Pippa was brilliant, it’s all about you

When I contacted Pippa I had tried every diet going – you name it, I tried it – slimming world, weight watchers, juice plus (lost 2 stone but put it all back on again) low carb, low fat, low everything, macros and also followed loads of people on Instagram and Facebook but nothing worked. I couldn’t even lose 1 lb. the 1st hour with Pippa was brilliant, it’s all about you

Debby stock

Really cant thank Pippa enough!

Yesterday was my last session with Pippa, although I was worried about the fees at the start. After 5 weeks (1 week of videos) I have lost 8.7kg and I cant describe how my life has changed. Now I walk everywhere, eat right and a lot more energy than I know what to do with. My body shape is changing, and I can actually see this in the mirror. Really cant thank Pippa enough! My biggest issue was the sweets addiction and overeating with takeaways or just overeating from boredom – those issues had been kicked to the curb by week 3 (one habit was easier to kick than the other) but now I’m not affected at all by them anymore. If you are looking to change your life and kick the bad habits Pippa is who to go to.

Sarah Buckley

She is incredibly motivating and supportive

I’ve been working with Pippa on my nutrition and exercise for about a month, and the results are great. I lost over a stone, gained energy, happiness and strength. She is incredibly motivating and supportive, and she tells it how it is without being judgemental. Looking forward to work with her for a long time!


I am now a stone lighter

I am so grateful that I found Pippa when I did. I had settled to the fact that the extra weight, especially around my middle was something I had to live with and came with a certain age. I have tried so many diets with no success. With Pippa’s amazing knowledge, guidance and support I have proved this wrong. I am now a stone lighter, much healthier, but also have a new way of life to live by. Thank you Pippa, you’re a star.

Geoff Wheeler

Thank you so much Pippa

Today was my last session with Pippa Hill and after 3 months and 10 days I have not only lost 3 1/2 stone, I am now a healthy weight! I am so close to all my measurements being where they should be, nothing I was expecting in such a short time. I have a lot more energy, Im healthy from sheer determination and guidance from Pippa and i’m just so happy I joined this journey!!! Thank you so much Pippa, not only have you changed my life but as a new Foster carer, you have changed their lives too as now I have the energy to run around after them. Below is a before and after, I never took many photos of myself before as I hated the way I looked but this was where I was at! Again I cannot thank you enough, I highly recommend

Sarah Smith

Pippa help me go to that next level

Has hit a plateau in my weight loss journey and Pippa help me go to that next level on how to manage it and get the information I needed to succeed in further weight loss and better healthy weight management

Adrian Low

Pippa was excellent

Pippa was excellent. I was always confused about what I should be doing to lose weight and her programme gave me real direction. Lost 7kg in 7 weeks! She is super experienced, communicates directly about what to do to change and is always available to provide advice. Highly recommended.

Michael Marshall

I couldn’t recommend Pippa enough

I couldn’t recommend Pippa enough. Her nutrition advice and plan is effective, permanent and perfectly easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. She has changed my life in a way I didn’t think was possible at my age.

Patricia Gutierrez

You have just got to contact Pippa because she has the key!

This really works!!! I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and have always launched into high impact exercise plans and watching what I eat but that has only got me part of the way there and now I am in my 50’s I needed this!!! I have lost half a stone in 3 weeks – unheard of for me! You have just got to contact Pippa because she has the key!!! Thank you so much Pippa!

Lynn Rozier

The Weight Loss Guru is fantastic

The Weight Loss Guru is fantastic – I simply could not recommend Pippa more. The workouts are engaging and effective, and the nutrition advice has changed my life. Thank you Pippa for everything!

Francesca Abbley

A new way of eating not dieting

I highly recommend Pippa. I have lost a stone in one month and could not have done it without Pippa’s support. Great informative videos and love the vimeo work outs too. I facetime her weekly which keeps me on track and she sets me a weekly goal. Feel the best I have in years. A new way of eating not dieting.

Camilla Fitzgerald

You are truly a weight loss guru

Pippa has been my weight mentor! Helped me to understand so many things about nutrition and diet and finally i found the balance when it comes to meals, eating happits and excercise. Thank you for everything. You are truly a weight loss guru x

Chrysia Tzirtzipi

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