Recommended SMART Scales

The RENPHO Body Fat Scale I don’t care what you weigh as your weight isn’t important. What is important is what your visceral fat or subcutaneous fat is. Or your water & protein levels, or your metabolic age and bone mass. Those all help me make the ideal plan for you.  Therefore I recommend all … Read more

Exercise – How and when?

As you know it’s best to try and top and tail your day with exercise during the weight loss phase. That’s not every day though, and not crazy weight lifting or boot camps. Those normally make you grow rather than shrink! You only need to do cardio for 150 minutes a week. So that’s just … Read more

Sleeping well and weight loss

As hormone levels deplete with age or as a consequence of weight gain or poor eating habits, some people find it harder to sleep. As you know quality sleep is crucial to weight loss. If you are tired it is easy to make the mistake of thinking sugary food will provide you that energy you … Read more

Mixing up your menu

In the 90’s (😁) I worked for Hearst International as the Publisher of Zest Magazine; at that point the highest selling health, beauty and fitness title. We spent time researching why our skin, hair etc looks so great when we return from holiday (in addition to the obvious rest factor). The conclusion: the variety/change in … Read more

Eating for the right reasons

I’ve been droning on all week about food simply being daytime medicine to achieve optimal health. Keep remembering it is not something to fill dark & bored evenings. If we eat for the right reasons then our Immune System, Gut health, Energy System, Detoxification System, Communication System (Endocrine & Nervous) & Structural System will all … Read more

Easter Indulgences

If you feel you might have over indulged over the Easter weekend then this is just a little thought for the day….. Do you know your body has approximately 37.2 trillion cells! Your body can replace 20 million cells in just a few seconds. When you take this on board you begin to really understand … Read more

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